What is Supercinema? What does Supercinema do? What did Supercinema do?

Supercinema is an interdisciplinary project encompassing arts and crafts
to develop different languages and tell epic and extraordinary stories.

We enter the world of design but appear through a cloud of smoke.

Supercinema works on all media to develop different products that tell stories, from brand identity to packaging, installations, exhibitions, digital platforms such as websites and applications, product design, advertising, movie, sound and motions, always with the same approach, which is basically: kaboom!

In our personal and collective experience we have met many clients with whom we have built adventures, here are some that you may know:

A selection of our projects is coming to this site, in the meantime if you want to contact us send us a mail to: supercinema@supersupersuper.it

Or if you want, and we would love to, send us a letter to our office in Italy:

Via dei Quattro Cantoni 72B, 00184, Rome [Italy]